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Digital Mammography System AM-500

I. Application

A mammogram is a special, low-dose X-ray technique used to take a picture of the breast, detecting and diagnosing any abnormal lumps or masses in breast tissue. It is one of the best tools for the early identification of breast cancer. With early identification, breast cancer can be cured while in the first stage, and recovery is more likely.


Mammography System AM-9800B

-Complete solid-state high-frequency high-voltage generator.

-Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter 80kHz

-Input Power: Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz

-Radiographic Ratings: Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs

Mammography System AM-9800D


  1. The 9800D high frequency molybdenum target mammography machine are featured with very small focus, high resolution, low dosage and micro-computer controlled.
  2. It is a high-performance breast screening machine for iconography examination of mammary diseases and with high sensitivity for mammary benign lumps, nodes, calcified points and early detection of malignant.
  3. Easy to use user interface design with finger touch operation panel, fast reachable buttons and foot switch.
  4. Streamlined compressor plate provides the intact breast images.