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High Frequency Medical Radiographic X-ray system AM-AR-221H


High frequency 50KW X-ray machine, with 150kV、630mA is suitable for general photography, filter photography and chest radiography in general hospitals and health care units at all levels.

Radiography X-ray machine AM-KB-500


  1. 125kV、500mA、Single-phase full-wave voltage rectifier bridge
  2. It has X-ray tube capacity protection, rotating anode start protection, photography timing circuit thyristor controlled and X-ray tube overheat protection, to ensure the long-term safe operation of X-ray tube.
  3. Multifunction radiography table, no earth-track double rope fall protection safety column, attractive appearance, bed vertical and horizontal movement can be flexible, X-rays of each component can be moved and transported lightly and flexibly, electromagnetic brake, and can withstand various loading Specifications radiography cassette.
  4. Radiography currents is bigger, offer more options to users
  5. Grid Ratio is of 10:1, the bigger, the better image quality