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Fingertip Oximeter AM-FO-600A


  1. Reliable accuracy and durability
  2. Two Color OLED Display, four display modes
  3. 4-Direction Display adjustable
  4. Low voltage indicator, Real-time spot-checks
  5. Low power consumption, 50 hours continuous to work.
  6. Low Perfusion ≤0.4%
  7. Automatic power off when no signal
  8. Small and light weight, convenient to carry
  9. Widely used in hospital, home health-care,oxygen bar,community medical Centre, alpine area, sports health-care etc

Fingertip Oximeter AM-FO-700A


  1. Compact appearance, more convenient to carry.
    2. A button to wake up, even the elderly can also be used simply.
    3. Two 1.5V AAA batteries can be used continuously for more than 15 hours, more
    environmental protection and energy saving.

Handheld Pulse Oximeter AM-HO-100


  1. Suitable for adult, Pediatrics, and neonatal patients
  2. Provide the parameter of PI(Perfusion Index) performs SpO2 and pulse rate measurement
  3. Miniature design offers an impressive lightweight device and making it easy to use
  4. 2.8″ color LCD prominently displays SpO2 and pulse rate readings
  5. Adjustable visual and audible alarms
  6. Selectable lithium battery or AA alkaline batteries

Handheld Pulse Oximeter AM-HO-25


  1. Color LCD Display and Screen Rotation
  2. Automatic power-off function for power saving
  3. Three selectable working modes
  4. Long battery life-up 20 hours on 4 “AA” Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  5. Powerful data storage capacity
  6. Patient information management
  7. Data can be transferred to PC for storage review and printing
  8. Audible and visible alarm capability