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X-ray Film Illuminator AM-X-A seires

  • Aluminum frame
  • AVG Illuminance: more than 2000cd/m 2
  • Applicable X-ray film: Simulated X-ray film
  • Thickness: 10cm

X-Ray Film Illuminator AM-X-B Series


Aluminum frame, adjustable lightness

AVG Illuminance: more than  4000cd/m 2

Applicable X-ray film: Simulated, digital and breast X-ray film

Thickness: 10cm

Color Temperature: more than 6500K

Lightness: Digital dimming

X-ray Film Illuminator AM-XP Series


Imported Acrylic transparent board

-Thickness: 2.5 cm

-Plug and play function, screen will turn on automatically when X-ray film is inserted.

When film is taken away, screen can be delayed to shut down (7 gears, 0.5 to 10 minutes). Timing shutdown ( 4 gears: 1~4 hours) achieves environmental protection and ease the fatigue.

-Huge range of light adjustment function ( less than 300 and bigger than 4000 cd/m 2 ), which fully meet the requirements for reading and diagnosis of different X-ray films.

-Adopts advanced LED with life service time up to 100,000 hours. No dark area during watching X-ray film.