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Infant Phototherapy Unit AL-3 LED

? Features LED bulbs as phototherapy radiant source Button control switch Equal light distribution. High intensity Quiet, no noise of

Infant Phototherapy Unit AL-5 LED


LED lamp as phototherapy radiating elements

Irradiance intensity is adjustable in 3 grades: low, middle, high

LCD screen display therapy time and integral time separately

Equal light distribution, high intensity

Quiet, no noise of fan

Count up timer and count down timer for exact and convenient treatment

The angle of head and height are adjustable

Four castors with brake, magal and steel support base

Long life span LED bulbs

Using together with infant incubator, infant warmer, baby cradle

Tube Infant Phototherapy Unit B-100 LED

Features Use LED blue tube as light source LED Digital Timer, display therapy time & total time Lifting & Mobile