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Bubble Air Mattress AM-AM001

The purpose of the pump is to inflate deflated cells and deflate the inflated cells. The inflated air cells provide pressure to support the user whilst the deflated cells provide relief for the skin above them

Strip Air Mattress AM-AM002

  Technical Specification PARAMETER SPECIFICATION Mattress Specification: (Tube Type) Material NYLON COATED PVC Thickness 0.3mm-0.4mm Size 185*83*6.5CM( inflated) 200CM*90CM (deflate)

Water Mattress Bedsore Prevention AM-W02

Water mattress can expedite blood circulating to effectively prevent bedsore for the patients who are bed-ridden, especially helpful for the patient who have been burned. It fully support patients according to their body shape. No matter how the posture change, it can fully support body for pressure relief.

  1. Static mattress overlay
  2. Made with heavy duty PVC for durability and comfort
  3. Constructed with 3 independent pieces for better body contour and pressure relief
  4. Outer air frame to provide additional support and security