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Mechanical Pipette AM-MicroPette

  Specifications Volume Range Increment Test Volume Maximum permissible systematic error (Inaccuracy) Maximum permissible random error (Imprecision) % μL %

Mechanical Pipette AM-TopPette

Features for TopPette
Lightweight, ergonomic, low force design
Digital display clearly reads volume setting
The pipettes cover volume range of 0.1μl to 10ml
Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied
Design helps avoid repetitive strain injuries-Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655. Each pipette supplied with individual test certificate
The low part is available for autoclaving

MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette AM

Fully Autoclavable
The MicroPette plus pipettes can be fully autoclaved and withstood steam sterilizes at 121°C, 1 atm for 20 minutes. The pipettes can be autoclaved without special preparations. After autoclaving the pipette must be cooled down and left to dry over 12 hours.

It is recommended to check the performance of the pipette after each autoclaving. It is also recommended to grease the piston and seal of the pipette after each 10 autoclaving.