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Advanced Ocular Inspection Simulator of Retinopathy AM-LV14

  Features: Replacement of different eyeground diseases, slide simulates common clinical oculopathy, including: 1. Normal retina 2. Age-related retina macular

Elbow Cavity Injection Model AM-L71

1. Standard anatomical structure with internal condyle of humerus, external condyle of humerus, cubital nerve, ulna, radial bone and cavity of elbow joint;
2. Therapy site of golf elbow and tennis elbow;
3. Right arm elbow bend and can rotate along a fixed axis;
4. Used for therapy training of soft tissue intra-articular injection for elbow injury and inflammation.
5. Puncture site training: golf elbow and tennis elbow, alarm after press or puncture

Full-function Central Venous Injection Torso Model AM-L68A L68A

1. Internal jugular artery, carotid, subclavian vein, femoral artery and vein;
2. Puncture training of internal jugular vein, subclavian vein and femoral vein;
3. Long cannula catheterization training;
4. Simulative carotid and femoral artery pulse;
5. Subclavian anatomy structure;
6. Femoral anatomy structure

Infant Bone Marrow Puncture Model AM-L65B

1. Provide infant legs tibia puncture operation and realistic sense of needle; there is an obvious feeling when needle penetrates into veins and outflow of simulated bone marrow;
2. Recovery of pinhole on facies ossea;
3. Provide four side puncture of the tibial rod;
PACKAGE SIZE: 66*22.5*27.5cm
G.W.: 5KGS

Nails Extracting Training Kit AM-LV6

Feature: 1.One stand and three finger tips is provided. The finger tips can be replaced.

Neonatal Peripheral and Central Vein Intubation Model AM-L67B

1. Transparent chest wall and made of special material, perspective effect of bilateral venous channel;
2. Correct anatomical position: basilic vein, cephalic vein, jugular vein, subclavian vein and superior vena;
3. Direct observation of rib and heart, measure the correct inserted length of catheter;
4. Transparent part of the superior vena and visible of the ductal position in the case of correct catheterization, or the catheter is invisible;
5. Exercise of standard venous catheterization position

Peritoneal Dialysis Model AM-F1

1. The peritoneal dialysis model is specially designed for medical persons.
2. Standard position of ostomy and simulative liquid will flow out.
PACKAGE SIZE: 48*31.5*52cm
G.W.: 9.5KGS

Prostate Examination Simulator AM-F2

1. The peritoneal dialysis model is specially designed for medical persons.
2. Standard position of ostomy and simulative liquid will flow out.
PACKAGE SIZE: 48*31.5*52cm
G.W.: 9.5KGS

Shoulder Joint Cavity Injection Model AM-L70

1. Standard anatomical structure, scapula, clavicle, humerus, deltoid, biceps muscle of arm and important ligament of shoulder joint, train palpation technology of shoulder puncture positioning;
2. Standard position study for puncture and injection;
3. Six different parts for puncture and injection
1) Cavity of shoulder joint (anterior aspect)
2) Cavity of shoulder joint (rear aspect)
3) Subacromial bursitis
4) Acromioclavicular joint
5) Mecistocephalic tendinous sheath of biceps muscle of arm
6) Suprascapular nerve block
4. Intelligent evaluation system: the green light on the control box will indicate correct puncture site

Surgical Suture and Bandage Model AM-LV18

Features: 1. Thyroidectomy 2. Mid-sternal split – with two chest tube drains 3. Right mastectomy – with simulated drain 4.

Surgical Suture Arm Model AM-N

1. With features of lifelike shape and realistic touch, the model suitable for cutting, suturing and bandaging exercise.
2. With wonderful elasticity and flexility of skin, each model can be used for hundreds of times.
PACKAGE SIZE: 72*20*23cm
G.W.: 0.6KGS

Suture Training Kit AM-LV3

1. This kit consists of suture instrument, scalpel, suture needles, suture modules and instruction disc.
2. With wonderful elasticity and flexibility of skin, each module can be used for hundred times.
PACKAGE SIZE: 31*19*8cm
G.W.: 1.05KGS

Thoracentesis Drainage Model AM-L66

1. Pneumothorax decompression, closed chest drainage of hydropneumothorax and drainage tube care after operation can be practiced.
2. There are two visual windows in right thorax to show each layer of anatomical structures.
3. Pneumothorax decompression training, closed drainage of hydropneumothorax training and thoracocentesis training in the left thorax.
4. The color, volume and viscosity of the drainage solution can be regulated.
5. The puncture cushion and drainage wounds cushion can be replaced.
PACKAGE SIZE: 43*28.5*53cm
G.W.: 9.6KGS

Training Model Surgery Trainer kit AM-LV9

The model provides trainings of incision, suturing and ligaturing of skin, blood vessel, intestinal canal and deep tissue.
1. Skin modules: surgical incision, suturing, ligaturing, ligature cutting and dermal suture out of skin;
2. Intestinal canal module: two types of 20mm and 30mm diameter, practice ring clamp, discussion, anastomosis, ligaturing and cutting of intestinal canal;
3. Blood vessel module: practice ring clamp, cutting and ligaturing of blood vessel;
4. Deep ligature module: practice deep ligaturing in the narrow space;
5. Small size, portable, replaceable modules.
PACKAGE SIZE: 101*46*30cm
G.W.: 1.5KGS

Vertebral Puncture Model AM-L60

  Features: 1. In order to observe the shape of vertebral, the place of the L1and L2 is uncovered. 2.