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Biopolar Forceps 1182


-Special material & technology For Tip, Non Stick

-Many specifications of tips, fit in with different magnification

-Gun shape or straight shape, fit in with different surgery

-Different working lengths can fit in with different positions

-Excellent handle feel, won?t feel tired with long time operation

Electrosurgical Electrode (Ball, Loop) 1129


-Square, Flag Shape, Sphere, Corner Electrode

-Meet the needs of gynecological endometrial, cervical, vaginal surgery

-Suitable for common electric and LEEP generators

-Octal injection, the torch, torch + injection structure of three kinds of GA type, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Electrosurgical Pads


? Adult, Paediatric & Neonatal Sizes

? Foam, Non-Woven, Silicone Backings

? Connection Types: Tab Connection, Valley lab Connector, ?6.3mm Bipolar Connector, 4mm Socket

Electrosurgical Pencil IIIA-D04


-Suitable for nearly all surgical procedures.

-Interchangable electrodes

-Various shapes & lengths available for several procedure types

-Comfortable design to maximize ergonomics and minimize fatigue

-Easy to operate

-Economically priced

-Interchangeable with most generator power sources