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Dialysis Catheter

? Specifications -Central venous catheter is a type of vascular tube, placed in large veins, plasma exchange or kidney dialysis.

Extracorporeal Circulation Blood Line


-The extracorporeal circulation blood line work with the dialysis machine

-The extracorporeal circulation blood line applies with different brands of haemodialysis machine such as Fresenius, Gambro, Braun etc.

-Needle: Choose good quality needle can be effective in reducing pain, convenient heath care worker to operate, saving time and more efficient.



-Features: highly specific adsorption capacity, rapid adsorption, good biocompatibility and pyrogen free.

-Indications: kidney dialysis, liver disease, poisoning.

Powder/Concentrate AB


-Applicable models: Fresenius, Gambro, Braun, Toray, Nikkiso, Nipro, JMS, COBE