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Series Ultrasonic Cleaner (40KHZ) AM-TUC


  1. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
  2. With large LCD display to show the precise time, temperature and power level
  3. Time setting: 1-99 minutes
  4. Temperature Setting: built-in heating to 60℃
  5. Ultrasonic Power Setting: adjustable power range of 10%~100% (step by 10%).
  6. Built-in “sound insulation paste” keep this series with low noise
  7. With sweep function & degas function
  8. Humanized carrying handle and drain valve for whole models
  9. Memory function will automatically save the most recently used setup parameters for next use.
  10. With sleeping mode to keep electrical energy saving
  11. Application range: household, laboratory, medical and dental clinic, industrial
  12. Main features: Adjustable power, Low noise, Sweep function, Degas function, Heating function, Adjustable time, Memory function, Sleeping mode