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Dialysis Catheter AM

  Specifications -Central venous catheter is a type of vascular tube, placed in large veins, plasma exchange or kidney dialysis.

Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine AM-F168 Series

  Features – Reprocessing two dialyzers simultaneously working more effectively. – Compatible with many brands of disinfectant saving 90% of

Electronic Dialysis Chair AM-DC01

  Specifications Material Chair: Steel Cushion: Urethane foam Back Section Lift Change angle:-10℃-80℃ Power: AC220V, 50Hz Power consumption: About 135W

Extracorporeal Circulation Blood Line AM


-The extracorporeal circulation blood line work with the dialysis machine

-The extracorporeal circulation blood line applies with different brands of haemodialysis machine such as Fresenius, Gambro, Braun etc.

-Needle: Choose good quality needle can be effective in reducing pain, convenient heath care worker to operate, saving time and more efficient.

Hemodialysis Machine AM-ADM-8

  Dialysate Dialysate temperature: Preset range 33.0℃~39.0℃, ±0.1℃ Dialysate flow: Less than 800ml/min (Adjustable) Concentration of dialysate: 12.1 mS/cm~16.0 mS/cm,

Hemoditoxifier AM


-Features: highly specific adsorption capacity, rapid adsorption, good biocompatibility and pyrogen free.

-Indications: kidney dialysis, liver disease, poisoning.

Manual Dialysis Chair AM-DC02

  Specifications Material Chair: Steel Outside: PVC leather Seat: prototype improvement, upholstery with polyurethane Adjustment Back adjustment:-12℃-80℃ Leg adjustment:-75℃-12℃ Pneumatic-hydraulic

Powder/Concentrate AM-AB


-Applicable models: Fresenius, Gambro, Braun, Toray, Nikkiso, Nipro, JMS, COBE

Single/ ROII Double R.O Water Purification Machine AM-ROI

  Heat disinfection system – Adopt the heat disinfection system to disinfect RO membrane, RO water supplying tube, tube for