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Automated Microtome AM-3368AM


This model is developed based on semi-automatic microtome, it combines advanced and patented technology, and it’s very good choice for histopathology research. This model adopts streamline design, advanced function, stable performance, user-friendly. Specimen feed drive is controlled by intelligent control system. Manual and automated sectioning mode. Speed of sectioning can be adjusted; emergency Stop (E-stop). Precise electrical mechanical design, Ergonomic concept.

Cryostat Microtome AM-2950

  Design Features -It is designed under overall engineering and ergonomic concept. All the components are processed with computer numerical

Manual Rotary Microtome AM-202A


This model is simple rotary microtome, hand wheel locked at top of it, paraffin block can be changed easily and safe. LCD shows numbers of sectioning, emergency stop systems. Clean encloser, blade holder can be moved horizontal or vertical.

Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2258


This model is specially developed for modern histopathology research. It adopts imported guide ways, ideal devise, stable performance, ergonomic concept, and its new development direction of histopathology research.

Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2268


AM-2268 microtome is new-developed model, it offers features different from others. This machine adopts advanced guide rail, high-precision lead screws, retraction function, section and trimming mode. This model has professional design, secure instruction, and high-precision, stable performance. It’s perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning.

Semi-automatic Microtome AM-3358


AM-3358 Semi-automatic microtome is new model after AM-202, AM-1508, and AM-2258. This model adopts advanced, modern histopathology research technology. It has stable performance, ergonomic concept. Main spare parts are imported from overseas. This model stands for very advanced technology and new development direction of histopathology research.

Vibrating Microtome AM-400


This model is specially developed according to market demand, it introduces advanced technics from overseas. It is widely used in biological, teaching, scientific institute research etc. It is used to cut fresh or specific specimen from animals or plants, specimen can be cut immediately in no case of embedding, cooling progress. Therefore, specimen doesn’t break at all, and cell keep very good and active. It provides good condition for immunocytochemistry research and spinal & cerebrum disorder’s neurobiology. This model is very good choice for fields in electro-microscope, dissect, cyemology, physiology, biology, scientific research.

According to finding result from related college or scientific institute, 10um is minimum section setting range when cutting brain or spinal cord specimen. And, 30um when cutting fresh brain, heart, kidney specimen.