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Advance Childbirth Skill Training Model AM-5B

  Features: 1. An anatomically correct pelvic model with fetus and placenta to give students experience with multiple technique and

Advanced Full Functional Neonatal Nursing and CPR Manikin AM-T335

  Designed according to the infant anatomic characteristics, soft skin made of imported material, realistic touching feeling, flexible joints, and

Breast Examination Model AM-14

  Features: Palpation of malignant tumor, benign tumor, lymphaden and lobulus accrementition

Contraception Guidance Model AM-B2

1. The model is designed with the structure of the female inner genital organs. It can help to practice the placement of contraception device.
2. Some parts shown as below: bladder, Vagina, Pubic bone, uterus, rectum, and coccyx.

Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Simulator AM-F55

  Features: 1. Prenatal nursing for pregnant women and fetal and postnatal nursing for mother & newborns 2. Life size,

Delivery Model AM-8

Features: 1.Smooth, soft skull with fontanelles for realistic vacuum delivery PACKAGE SIZE: 51*24.5*37cm G.W.: 4.4KGS

Fundus of Uterus Exam & Evaluation Model AM-31

1. With normal physiological changes of the postpartum women, provide assessment of postpartum fundus of uterus and massage skills training;
2. Hip joint is movable and can be placed correct body position;
3. Realistic anatomical landmark of united bones of toes;
4. Interchangeable Uterus:
1) Normal uterus
2) Postpartum uterus of the first hour
3) Postpartum uterus of the second day
4) Postpartum uterus of the second week
5) Callous uterus with good contraction
6) Soft uterus without good contraction
5. Expansion of vaginal orifice;
6. Easy to separate the labium minus and expose the vagina;
7. Lear energy of cunnus

Gynecological Examination Model AM-7

  Features: 1. Palpation of normal and pregnant uterus 2. Bi-manual pelvic and tri-manual pelvic examination 3. Vaginal examination 4.

High Intelligent Infant Simulator AM-T330

Features: 1. The infant simulator is made of imported thermoplastic, with features of high and low temperature resistant, non-deformation, flexible

Infant Full Body Venipuncture Model AM-20

  Features: 1. Scalp vein (brow scalp veins, superficial temporal veins) puncture, venous injection, infusion and metachysis 2. The median

Infant Nursing Manikin AM-T13

1. Realistic fontanels, coronal suture and parietal suture;
2. Place nasal and oral gastric tubes;
3. Rectal temperature measurementtes;
4. Umbilicus nursing;
5. Realistic testiculus in the scrotum;
6. Training of bathing, lactation, lavage, etc;
PACKAGE SIZE: 48*15*34.5cm
G.W.: 5.02KGS

Infant Scalp Venipuncture Training Model AM-G1

Features: 1. Two sides of the scalp can be simulated venipuncture training and reflects double economic features. 2. There is

Maternity Examination Model AM-1111

1. four paragraphs of palpation( Leopold Maneuvers ), pelvic external measurement and mammary nursing practice and guidance.

2. Press the ball and make the air into the uterus, with the inflation adjustment allows it to be closest to the human condition.3. Measurement of abdominal and pelvic measurements has resulted in the required form of the internal skeleton. Therefore, palpation, you can get with very similar with the real feeling of the body.

Perineum Suturing Training Model AM-H

1.Right posterior incision, left posterior incision or median incision can be selected to exercise perineum cutting and suturing.
PACKAGE SIZE: 16.5*10.5*16.5cm
G.W.: 0.94KGS

Transparent Curettage Model AM-T32

1. Transparent casing, solid, beautiful and visible of the pelvic internal structure, operation steps can be observed if they are correct;
2. Good flexibility of vagina, vaginal speculum can be used, soft and elastic uterine material, realistic shape;
3. Soft touching feeling of genitals, simulation shape, correct structure of the labia majora, labia minora, urethra, vagina;
4. Realistic internal anatomical structure: uterus, fallopian tube, ovary, bladder, ureter;
5. Around 6-7 weeks of gestation sac can be seen in the transparent uterus;
6. Urethral catheterization operation, female bladder irrigation
7. Uterine dilator and curet can be inserted into cervix
8. With basement support and can fix the uterus in the right position
9. Transparent curettage demonstration model: anteversion position, horizontal position, and retroversion position.