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Adult Obstruction Model AM-CPR155


  1. Artificial respiration and external chest compression
  2. Simulation of natural airway, chest expand when airway opened
  3. Airway opening and chest compression
  4. Simulation of body airway obstruction.

Advance Childbirth Skill Training Model AM-5B

  Features: 1. An anatomically correct pelvic model with fetus and placenta to give students experience with multiple technique and

Advance Thyrocricocentesis Tracheostomy simulator AM-58


  1. Simulate dorsal position and neck extending
  2. Accurate structure: thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, crico-thyroid membrane, trachea is touchable.
  3. Percutaneous thyrocricoid puncuture, cricothyrotomy, tracheotomy can be practiced.

Advanced Adult Nursing Manikin AM-3000

    CPR training: 1) Simulate standard open airway 2) LCD counter display:The screen LCD display artificial respiration, external breast

Advanced Full Functional Neonatal Nursing and CPR Manikin AM-T335

  Designed according to the infant anatomic characteristics, soft skin made of imported material, realistic touching feeling, flexible joints, and

Advanced Full-functional Elderly Nursing Manikin (Male) AM-220A

Description :

The manikin is designed according to the physiological characteristic of old male people for the basic clinical nursing training. The product consists of full-body male elderly manikin and non-invasive blood pressure simulator; with about 50 kinds of nursing functions; made of imported PVC material, fine quality, environmental protection, realistic shape as human, easily washable, these help nursing workers understand and care for old people when they are nursing.

Advanced Nursing Manikin AM-2400


2400 is designed for different levels of nursing skills training courses. A variety of accessories provided with this integrated training simulator make it a comprehensive teaching aid for instructors and a hands-on learning tool for trainees.

Advanced Ocular Inspection Simulator of Retinopathy AM-LV14

  Features: Replacement of different eyeground diseases, slide simulates common clinical oculopathy, including: 1. Normal retina 2. Age-related retina macular

Air-way Management Model AM-51


  1. Anatomically accurate full sized mouth, tongue, airway, and esophagus. Perfect for placement of endotracheal tubes
  2. Respiratory sound auscultation
  3. Oral, nasal intubation
  4. Oral, nasal suction
  5. Soft neck with cricocartilage permits classic Sellick maneuver needed to provide a better view of the vocal cords

PACKAGE SIZE: 77*39*28cm

G.W.: 6KGS

ALS Training Manikin AM-ALS800A


Complying with AHA (American Heart Association) 2010 guideline for CPR, ALS800A provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) comprehensive training in first aid skills. The system consists of full-body manikin and a LCD with big screen. It provides a simple and practical ALS training tool.

Arm Bone Model AM-11124

Size: Life size, metal wire series
Material: Imported PVC

Arm Venipuncture Training Model AM-S


  1. Simulating injection, blood transfusion, hemospasia of the arm
  2. There is obvious feeling when needle penstrates into the veins. Blood flashback indicates proper insertion.
  3. Veins and skin can be acupunctured repeatedly, and these operations won’t cause leaks.

PACKAGE SIZE: 72*20*23cm

G.W.: 4.1KGS

Arm, Scapular and Collar Bone Model AM-11123

Size: Life size, metal wire series
Material: Imported PVC

Basic Nursing Manikin AM-2000

  Features: Hair and face washing Eye and ear washing and administering Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care Endotracheal intubation

Basic Nursing Manikin AM-A


  1. Oxygen inhalation
  2. Nasal feeding
  3. Gastrolavage
  4. Duodenal drainage
  5. Esophageal and gastric balloon tamponade surgery
  6. Deltoid subcutaneous injection
  7. Subcutaneous puncture
  8. Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)
  9. Male/female urethral catheterization
  10. Male/female urethral catheterization
  11. Gauze drainage can be practiced in the fistula of wound

Blood Pressure Training Arm Model AM-S7

The Blood Pressure Training Arm Model S7  has remarkable exterior features and precise anatomical structure. Arterial blood pressure measurement training

Breast Examination Model AM-14

  Features: Palpation of malignant tumor, benign tumor, lymphaden and lobulus accrementition

Cervical Vertebral Column Model AM-11107

Size: Life size, fixed on the base plate
Material: Imported PVC

Child Scalp Venipuncture Training Model AM-G2

  Features: 1. Two sides of the scalp can be simulated venipuncture training and reflects double economic features. 2. There

Child Trachea Intubation Model AM-1A


  1. Anatomically accurate mouth, larynx, trachea
  2. Oral and nasal intubation
  3. The neck should be backward in order to open airway
  4. Insufflating air into the tube so as to verify whether the tube position is right

PACKAGE SIZE: 53*32*25cm

G.W.: 8KGS

Colorized Skull Model AM-11111-2

Separated into 3 parts.
Material: Imported PVC and paint
PACKAGE SIZE: 22*16*23.5cm
G.W.: 1KG

Comprehensive Emergency Skills Training Manikin AM-ACLS8000C


ACLS8000C is the world leading man-machine interaction ACLS training simulation system, cansimulate real emergency scenes and all the related signs of emergency patient, such as: pupil states, artery pulse, heart rhythm, heart and lung auscultation sound, etc. All the clinical emergency measures such as defibrillation, pacing, CPR, drug therapy, etc, and the real clinical emergency instrument can be acted on the system. The manikin would show different vital signs change according to different rescue measures. Open case editing function allows lecturer edit required emergency cases according to clinical practice and teaching requirement for students’ training use. Interactive internet features can implement whole students teaching; lecturer can acquire students’ operation data easily and timely give correction and guidance.